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EMCC Christmas Outreach 2013

January 01, 2014

One of the core values of EMCC is to help others. Not only do we strive to help others by saving our customers energy, but also strive to help those in need in our nearby communities. In December 2013, EMCC held its first ever Christmas Outreach Event. With the help of donations from our staff, partners in the industry, and Fisher Hawaii, we were able to fill 50 backpacks full of basic necessities, school supplies, food, and toys for children.

Before moving to our current location, our last office was located in Kakaako. Behind the shadows of cranes and the quickly developing landscape is a community of homeless families that many people ignore. Unlike other locations with a homeless community, the demographic of Kakaako's homeless community is children and families. From babies to teenagers, many of them are kept hidden in the tents that line the sidewalks.

A few days before Christmas, the EMCC staff arrived at Kakaako near the Children's Discovery Center and began to hand out toys and our care packages. All of the children slowly began to emerge and we quickly realized that there were more children than we had speculated to be prior. Luckily, we had enough items to give and it was a very rewarding experience for all involved. This experience touched many members of our staff and this event will be an annual practice for members of EMCC. The spirit of giving should not be practiced just during the holidays, but in everyday opportunities. EMCC will hold other types of outreach and community service events in 2014 so stay tuned, and contact us to get involved!

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